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Using Python to "Generate" HTML

1st April, 2018

Because I made my new website basic, I've had to create small scripts in Python just to help me build stuff quicker. It "generates" HTML based on the information I give it but I'm just testing atm, might post the code if I get time :)




27th March, 2018

So a ransomware I created for a University project has got out into the wild 😑 fun.... It also wasn't fun that I got called out on Twitter about it, including Sheffield Hallam University too 🙃. I did create a full presentation on the incident and why I created it, which you can find Here. I presented the talk at defcon151 @_DC151.The Tweet can be found below, along with the full thread:

Nice from an uni that they "sponsor" a WannaCry looking ransomware...
Anyone from @sheffhallamuni want to say anything about it?@BleepinComputer @demonslay335
cc @GossiTheDog @sudosev for UK. pic.twitter.com/ehSwmFHbrB

— MalwareHunterTeam (@malwrhunterteam) March 27, 2018



SHU HackSoc - CTF

9th March, 2018

Just been seen the SHU HackSoc Team in a magazine and on RMCMedia.co.uk. The CTF took months of hard work but I can't believe its over already. Who knows? The CTF could've been a start of a passionate hobby that may turn into a career.