Welcome to my development blog... and if you're thinking "Why does this website look like its from the year 2000?", then good; thats what I was going for ðŸ oops my bad! Let me enable Unicode...😅 I'll explain later! This is where I will upload everything to do with and Computer Security/Programming. This will include University work, code, alpha testing reports, rants and general research. If you want to get in touch with me you can do so on Twitter by tweeting @TwidsDev. Most important updates will be posted on the home page(here) with a link to a blog post if I write one. Have fun :) I studied Game Developing in college for 2 years and now I'm currently studying Computer Information & Security at University.


So let me explain the website, and the lack of... most things pleasing to the human eye. I want my website to be simple, NOT USING WORDPRESS, and be made entirely by me. Ow and secure; but I've cut out all the insecure bits.

If you've come looking for a pretty site, damn you're in the wrong place. This is just a place I can stick my views and whats happening in my security, programming and apparently malware* life. But still, I find the old look and the terrible effects quite funny 😀

This HTML, Javascript and the little CSS is probably coded terribly and I'm probably using out dated methods like the good ol


Don't worry the blink function I used for the top of the webpage is actually Javascript, not the obsolete <blink>. Anyway I digress, dont take the website style seriously🙂



*This is a joke, don't lock me up 😘

<--PIA is the best!-->